the use of graphite crucibles

  Graphite crucible is widely used for experiment and the melting of metals, graphite crucible material with special of high purity, high strength, high density graphite material; through high precision CNC machining equipment, can be machined graphite crucible, graphite casting crucible, graphite oil groove, slide, drawing tablets, pull rod of mould graphite products. Graphite crucible for smelting noble metals selected special graphite materials, can make the graphite crucible product 2 times more than ordinary materials product durability, longer service life, more can withstand more than 2000 DEG C high temperature! Graphite crucible features: 1 good thermal stability of graphite crucible: for the use of graphite crucible quench quench. 2 graphite crucible good corrosion resistance, impact resistance, in order to ensure the reliability of product quality. 3 graphite crucible, good resistance to acid and alkali. 4 good heat conduction performance of graphite crucible: it can greatly shorten the smelting time, save energy. 5 the ash of the graphite crucible is less than 300pp, so that the precious metal is not polluted in the smelting process.

  Mainly used in auto parts, electronics and new materials industry, graphite crucible is melting and holding non-ferrous metals and new materials resistant containers.

  Can also be used in the refining and purification of nonferrous metals and new materials.

  For the benefit of environmental protection, the international efforts to improve the weight of light metals in industrial products.

  Therefore, aluminum, magnesium, zinc and its alloys are widely used in the production of automobile, motorcycle and electronic products. If the engine cylinder cover die-casting production of automobile and motorcycle wheels, engine, brakes, air filter, piston, a radiator, a direction plate skeleton and electronic products in the mobile phone shell.