Electrode paste

  Electrode paste

  Electrode paste is a conductive material that is used to supply iron alloy furnace, calcium carbide furnace and other electric furnace equipment.

  brief introduction

  It is resistant to high temperature, and low coefficient of thermal expansion. With relatively small resistance coefficient, can reduce the loss of electric energy. With a smaller porosity, the electrode can be oxidized slowly. Have higher mechanical strength, can not be caused by mechanical and electrical load of the impact of the electrode broken.

  The electric current is produced by the electric arc in the furnace. The electrode is very important in the whole electric furnace. Without it, the electric furnace can not be produced. To make the electrode in the arc temperature under normal working, must have high resistance to oxidation and conductivity, which only made of carbon material electrode, this nature, because the carbon electrode can withstand up to 35 DEG C arc temperature only slow oxidation.

  Electrode paste industry way out

  Concept to "update"

  A, one of the indicators of the electrode paste is first concerned with ash, it should be updated as the first concern than the resistance. Because the use of electrode paste is made of conductive materials, and the study of the indicators of conductive materials should first focus on the specific resistance. Despite the high and low ash and compared to the size of the resistance is related to, but also is not a positive correlation, high and low ash content and the ratio of the size of the resistance by the influence of many factors, such as the material itself, ash composition, processing temperature, material ratio, product density. Is the same kind of material (the same ash) at different temperatures have different specific resistance.

  B, the softening point of coal tar pitch should not be fixed at about 80, should be the appropriate high of about 90. Some electrode paste production enterprises in order to reduce the softening point of coal tar pitch special configuration of coal tar, the addition of coal tar production of electrode paste is not only not good use, and sometimes cause significant quality accidents. Practice has proved that appropriate to improve the softening point of coal tar pitch, is beneficial to improve the quality of electrode paste. Foreign enterprises with the production of carbon paste modified asphalt, the softening point of around 105.

  Raw materials to be updated"

  Now used in the production of electrode paste material basically is general calcined anthracite coal, metallurgical coke powder, medium temperature coal tar pitch; should be updated to use electric calcined anthracite, calcined petroleum coke, change coal asphaltenes. Pu calcined anthracite specific resistance is higher than that of electrically calcined anthracite 70%; metallurgical coke powder was calcined petroleum coke 2.5 times better than that of the resistance, modified bituminous coal of toluene insoluble, coking value is higher than that of the medium temperature coal tar pitch. After the replacement of raw materials, the quality of the electrode paste on a step.

  Although raw materials of upgrading to increase the cost of electrode paste, electrode paste the price increase, but must be able to use to reduce the production cost of the electrode paste manufacturers, improve the use of factory production stability and the quality of the products. The total cost of using the manufacturer will not increase or increase is not much.

  Also some of the electrode paste manufacturers to update one or two kinds of raw materials, not all updated, no effect, or the effect is not obvious. In fact, the overall integration of the effect is not reflected, in particular, the use of modified coal tar pitch there are technical problems, the need for professional and technical personnel guidance.

  Equipment to "update"

  Equipment is the production of hardware, in advocating science and technology progress today, the hardware is not hard, it means that the competitiveness is not strong. Although some enterprises also updated some of the equipment, but overall equipment is not enough, we must from the crushing, screening, grinding, mixing, kneading, forming a comprehensive package. Especially the paste forming can not be used. Paste molding machine not only can produce large pieces of paste into small pieces of paste, but also increase the plasticity of the electrode paste, to solve the use of large paste paste in the furnace to melt easily formed holes. The effect of electrode paste was improved.


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