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Use and characteristics of graphite crucibles

  Graphite crucible is widely used in the experiment and the melting of metals and graphite crucible materials with special graphite materials of high purity and high strength and high density; after high precision CNC machining equipment, can produce a graphite crucible, graphite crucible, graphite casting, oil groove tube, pull piece, pull rod mold special graphite graphite products. The material selected for the precious metal smelting crucible, graphite crucible can make products than ordinary products and durable degree more than 2 times, longer service life, more can withstand high temperatures above 2000 degrees Celsius! The graphite crucible is characterized by good thermal stability of

  1 graphite crucible, graphite crucible for rapid heating and cooling conditions of use, especially the formulation

  2. graphite crucible, good corrosion resistance, impact resistance, the reliability

  3. graphite crucible to ensure product quality and good resistance to acid and alkali.

  4. graphite crucible is good Heat transfer performance: can greatly shorten the smelting time, saving energy.

  5. graphite crucible ash is less than 300pp, to ensure that precious metals in the smelting is not contaminated