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Reform and development of the graphitization process and equipment

  Graphitization process is the key process in the processing of graphite electrode production, Physico-chemical properties of the graphite electrode is largely determined by the temperature of graphitization process, the graphitization temperature shall be above 2500 ℃.

  Graphitization furnace used in the graphite electrode processing mainly use the direct method which include two types of the furnaces,one is Acheson graphitization furnace,and another one is LWG furnace.

  1、Acheson graphitization furnace

  Its main characteristic is contained into the roasting products constitute furnace resistance together with the resistance of material, the graphitization temperature will be 2000~3000℃.It is still widely used in China now.This furnace is characterized by simple structure, Strong and durable, easy to maintenance which is mainly the graphitization of equipment in the carbon industry.

  The disadvantages of the Acheson graphitization process:

  a) In fact, only about 30% of the energy is used for graphitized carbon process, the remaining energy did not play a role of should have, and power consumption is too large.

  b) Acheson graphitization furnace core temperature nonuniformity, lead to the whole quality of furnace electrode non-uniform,so lead to graphitization quality instability.

  c) The harmful gas is difficult to To recycle and dust work environment.

  d) Production capacity is low

  2、Internal heating type concatenated graphitizing furnace(LWG furnace)

  The graphitization process without resistance material, is invented by kastner from the United States.compared with the acheson graphitization furnace,the LWG furnace Power consumption could reduce by 20% ~ 35%.

  Now the LWG furnace could not completely replace Acheson graphitization furnace,But the LWG furnace has the advantage which the acheson graphitization furnace could not meet.

  a) Heating speed

  b) Low power consumption

  c) The graphitization degree was homogeneous

  d) No need of the resistance material

  Though the acheson graphitization process and equipment have greatly improved,but the technology has been close to the limit, most promising is the LWG furnace of graphitization process.

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