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Application fields of graphite electrodes

   Graphite electrodes are usually used for melting metal, such as aluminum melting and copper melting and so on. Graphite electrodes easier processing, and processing speed significantly faster than copper electrodes. For example, the use of milling machining graphite, its processing speed than other metal working 2 to 3 times faster and does not require additional manual processing, and copper electrodes require manpower grinding frustration. Similarly, if the high-speed machining centers graphite electrode, faster, more efficient manner, but also no dust problems. In these processes, select the right tools and graphite hardness can reduce the wear loss and damage of copper tools. If the time is relatively specific milling graphite electrode and copper electrode graphite electrodes, graphite 67% faster than the copper electrode in electrical discharge machining under normal circumstances, the use of graphite electrodes machining copper electrode faster than 58%.As a result, the processing time significantly reduced, while also reducing manufacturing costs.

  Extruded graphite, the electrode material. Which according to particle size graphite points, can be divided into: the details of the graphite structure, coarse graphite (particle size generally about 0.8mm), there is a graphite electrode 3) lubrication: lubrication performance depends on the graphite flake graphite size, the larger scales, the smaller the friction coefficient, the better the lubricating properties.

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