Graphite casting mould dies

  The graphite mould dies is the good choice in many industries because of its fine lubrication, high temperature resistance and thermal stability. There are many kinds of moulds for different uses, like casting mould, fine grain high purity graphite silver casting die,moulding-die of non-ferrous metals. It can also be the glass moulding and sintering of diamond .Graphite casting dies applies quality high pure graphite material to machine continuous casting dies for production of copper, brass copper and bronze products.

  The advantages of our graphite mould dies:High temperature resistance Fine lubrication to make it easy to demould;Good chemical stability to resist the corrosion of other metals;Excellent thermal resistance; Great mechanical manufacturing property.

  Our company can produce the graphite mould dies according to customers' drawings or requirements. Graphite mold is widely used in kinds of precision casting. It has advantages of high temperature resistant, high machining accuracy, temperature well-distributed, easy demould and so on. With the development of science and technology, graphite mold will be bound to apply in more fields.

  We , As the professional graphite mould supplier, our factory offer competitive graphite mould. The graphite mould is made of quality graphite body to obtain the perfect seal and lasting performance .The life of our mould can be 80-100 joints ,which is more lasting than other competitor’s . Our low price die casting welding graphite mould is a simple, effective , quality welding method ,which weld the parts to desired size and type in graphite mould cave with overheat melting .Currently ,the Exothermic Welding replaced mechanical connection widely.