Graphite Sintering Mould

  The graphite sintering mould used in powder sintering industry began in the early 70s, accompanied by geological exploration, coal exploration and mining, oil exploration and drilling, highway cutting, especially the rapid development of granite and marble mining and cutting industry, the demand of a substantial amount of diamond alloy material and hard alloy materials the demand for graphite sintering mould increased which is matched with the increases.

  A wide variety of graphite sintering mould applications which used in powder metallurgy industry are from man-made diamond manufacturing industry.

  The graphite sintering mould for diamond tools is mainly used in the two fields of building materials and exploration.

  The graphite sintering mould used for diamond saw blade is mainly in the production of cutting marble, highway, ceramic tile and so on. It has the high demand of the physical and chemical technology properties of sintering mould. The dimensional tolerances of the machining parts are also very strict. The main products: sintering diamond cutter head combination graphite mould, sintering diamond saw blade graphite mould, diamond core drill with sintering graphite mould, diamond grinding wheel with sintered graphite mould, diamond wire saw sintered graphite mould used in petroleum drilling clay mold, gage ring and nozzle rod, sintering mold, diamond saw blade diamond grinding sintering mould, sintering diamond drilling tool with graphite mould.

  The characteristics of the raw material of the graphite sintering mould: high temperature resistance, high oxidation resistance and high mechanical strength.

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