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The impregnation process of graphite mold

  In recent years, with the development of mold industry, the graphite mold continue to impact the traditional mold market, the graphite itself has the characteristics which can not be replaced by other metal materials, the graphite has been used as the preferred material of mold manufacturing. In the practical application of graphite mold, the oxidation resistance of graphite mold is the focus of the industry. In fact, to do a good job of graphite mold impregnation is the main means to solve the general oxidation resistance, then how to impregnate the graphite mold in the actual operation ?

  First, paying attention to the material of graphite mold impregnation vessel. The impregnation vessel can select suitable materials for production according to the actual conditions of the plant , but we must pay attention to the material's resistance to acid corrosion resistance, sealing, and hardness, it’s best to use the impregnation vessel which be used in the first application.

  Second, selecting the appropriate size of graphite mold impregnation vessel, we select the impregnation vessel according to the size of the graphite mold , then we pour antioxidant liquid into the vessel, it should cover the graphite mold of 10cm.

  Third, the dipping time, at normal room temperature, the general graphite mold soak in the immersion liquid for half an hour or so. the method should be carried out in the special equipment under the reducing pressure situation if we want to further improve the oxidation resistance of graphite mold.

  Fourth, natural drying , the impregnated graphite mold under good ventilation conditions for natural dry for 3 to 2 days.

  The graphite mold has a unique advantage in oxidation resistance after impregnated , we will be able to make a good impregnated graphite mold products by fcousing on these four points.

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