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Carbon carbon composite material for artificial finger joints

  Carbon carbon composite material with low density, high specific strength, good friction and wear properties and excellent high temperature mechanics,performance, mainly used as aerospace high temperature structural materials. In recent years, it has been used to make artificial joints and other biological hard tissue substitute materials because of its high elastic modulus and good biocompatibility with human bone.

  With the increase of the density of the carbon / carbon composite, the density of the material increases gradually, and the porosity and densification efficiency decrease gradually. At the same time, the needle preform has a higher densification efficiency than the 3D Fine fabricated preform due to the presence of more impregnated diffusion channels, but the density of the final product is not high.

  The 3D fine structure of carbon carbon sample has lower wear volume, mass wear rate and friction coefficient than that of needle acupuncture, which shows a better friction and wear performance.

  At present, carbon carbon composite material has to engineering application stage, over the years, industrialized countries, France, the United States, Britain and other developed two to three, and four to seven to thirteen to multidimensional carbon carbon composite materials and fine weave puncture, orthogonal fine weave, antioxidant, hybrid and multiple functions and so on many kinds of carbon / carbon composites. From the perspective of technology development, carbon / carbon composites have been developed from two to three, four direction, and soon.

  Artificial finger joints and joints are different, its small size, good flexibility, shock resistance, is more complex than the joint force, therefore the approximate simulation analysis of finger joint force, of carbon / carbon material biomechanics research is the current needs of the.