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Mechanical properties of carbon / carbon composite material

  Carbon carbon composite materials with the unique properties of structural materials and functional materials, is widely used in aerospace and other fields, carbon / carbon composite materials, there is only one element, that is, the carbon element, carbon / carbon composites have many advantages, such as low density, and the actual density of carbon and graphite materials, which is about 2g/cm3.

  The function not only to meet the as a thermal conductivity material with high temperature resistance, high thermal conductivity coefficient characteristics, and as a friction material has the advantages of abrasion resistance, ablation resistance and other characteristics, at the same time as the structural materials must have high mechanical properties, including high specific strength, high specific modulus, brittleness and toughness, so for carbon / carbon composite materials mechanical properties is particularly important to study.

  The mechanical properties of carbon / carbon composites are related to carbon fiber, carbon matrix, interface property, preparation technology and weaving direction. Carbon fiber as a carbon / carbon composite material, the type of carbon fiber has an important influence on the mechanical properties of the material. The mechanical properties of different kinds of carbon fibers are very different.

  There are three kinds of matrix carbon: resin carbon, carbon and pitch carbon, usually, the resin carbon is isotropic, but also can be highly oriented, the degree of orientation depends on the type of resin and process conditions.

  The process of preparing carbon / carbon composites, densification process and process parameters have important influence on the mechanical properties of the composites.

  According to the direction of the different woven carbon fiber, carbon / carbon composites can be roughly divided into short fiber and long fiber (one-way) 2.5 dimensional and 3 dimensional carbon / carbon composite, the carbon / carbon composite fracture mechanism research is limited in one or two to enhance the carbon / Carbon Composites