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How to maintain the graphite crucible

  Graphite crucible - maintaining

  1, specifications that copper crucible capacity (#/ kg)

  2, the graphite crucible to prevent wet storage must be kept in a dry place or the gallows.

  3, when moving gently, it is strictly prohibited earthquake.

  4, before the use of the drying equipment or furnace hot baking, temperature rise to 500 degrees Celsius.

  5, should be placed in the mouth below the surface of the crucible furnace crucible is cover wear prevention.

  6, feeding should be based on the crucible dissolution, can not be added too much, too tight to prevent tightening crucible.

  7, out of things and to comply with the shape of crucible clamp, clamp the central prevention department stress damage of crucible.

  8, removal of inside and outside wall slag and crucible coke should stick to prevent damage on the crucible.

  9, the crucible and furnace wall should be kept for distance, the crucible should be placed in the middle of the furnace.

  10, the amount of accelerant and additives will reduce the service life of the crucible.

  11, the use of the process, the crucible once a week, can extend the life of the crucible.

  12, strong corrosion prevention flame direct injection crucible side and bottom weight