The feature of graphite powder

  Graphite powder is a chemical reaction sensitive material, in the different environment its resistivity will change inside, his resistance values will change, but graphite powder is one of non metal conductive material is very good, as long as the insulating objects ensure graphite powder uninterrupted, like a thin line that will electrify, however, how much the resistance value is, this numerical didn't an accurate number, because the thickness of the graphite powder, used in different materials and environmental graphite resistor values will be different. Because of its special structure, graphite has the following special properties.

  1) High temperature resistant: Graphite melting point is 3850 c, the boiling point of 4250 c, even the ultra high temperature arc ignition, weight loss is very small, coefficient of thermal expansion is also very small. Graphite strength increases with the increase of temperature, and the strength of graphite is doubled at 2000 C.

  2) Conductive and thermal conductivity: the conductivity of graphite is one hundred times higher than that of general non metal mine. Thermal conductivity of steel, iron, lead and other metal materials. The thermal conductivity decreases with the increase of temperature, even in high temperature, graphite as insulator.

  3) The lubrication performance of graphite depends on the size of graphite flake, the bigger the scale, the smaller the coefficient of friction, the better the performance of the lubrication.

  4) Chemical stability: graphite has good chemical stability at room temperature, acid and alkali corrosion resistance to organic solvents.

  5) Plasticity: the toughness of graphite is good, can connect a very thin sheet.

  6) Thermal shock resistance: graphite at room temperature when used to withstand the severe changes in temperature without damage, temperature change, the volume of graphite change is not large, will not produce cracks.

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