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The industrial application of high purity graphite

  The high purity graphite has been applied widely in the industry. It can be processed into various parts such as the graphite grid in vacuum food ; vacuum furnace, single crystal furnace, graphite crucible in electric furnace, the graphite vessel, the heater, the heat shield; the smelting vessel of noble metal se alloy , casting mould; the graphite mold of pressing hard alloy ; electric spark machining graphite; the wear-resistant and heat-resistant shaft; a variety of high temperature heating element. It can be processed according to customer samples and drawings.

  The production process of high pure graphite and common graphite is roughly the same, but it has the following characteristics:

  We must select the raw material in low ash content , the ash content of petroleum coke should not be greater than 0.15% if we use petroleum coke as raw material,

  The high pure graphite can be used for extrusion molding, can also be used for molding . the fine structure high pure graphite are more used in processing various shapes of the component by compression molding , it also can use the isostatic pressure process.

  The key process of improving the purity of the high purity graphite is graphitization, and the graphitization temperature should be higher than the production temperature of ordinary graphite electrode, we should pass into the halogen gas to make the impurity content be reduced to about 150-200ppm or lowernd in the process of graphitization .

  The surface of high purity graphite will be touch on some when it’s in machining, the degree of contamination extent is different depending on the different working environment and the processing technology. We can carry out purification work again in order to remove surface contamination.

  Some high purity graphite products need to be coated with a layer of pyrolytic graphite in order to improve the oxidation resistance of high purity graphite products.

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