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Microstructure and properties of pitch based carbon / Carbon Composite material

  Carbon / carbon composites are a new kind of high performance composite materials. It has a high ratio of strong, high specific modulus, high temperature resistance, corrosion resistance and a series of advantages, especially the retention rate of its excellent strength at high temperature, the high temperature in an inert environment of 2000 degrees Celsius, the intensity is not reduced, but increased, which is unmatched by other materials.

  According to the different materials used in matrix precursor, carbon / carbon composites are divided into CVI base and pitch base. Pitch based carbon / carbon composites have become a hot topic in the research of carbon/carbon composites due to its low price, short preparation period.

  Pitch based carbon / carbon composite microstructure including carbon fiber, matrix and interface, and the carbon matrix in the basal orientation and interface bulk crystal carbon morphology. they will affect the performance of composite materials. This paper through the composite specimen polishing surface polarizing microscopy and corrosion morphology scanning electron microscope technology, mainly discuss pitch based carbon / carbon composite general morphology and carbonization pressure effects on carbon micro structure.

  The normal pressure preparation process is similar to the high pressure process, and the difference is only in the carbonization process, the use of a well type heating furnace, N2 for the protection of gas, high pressure carbonization, the method of mechanical compression of special equipment. The purpose is to improve the surface treatment of carbon fibers and carbon matrix interfacial bonding condition, in order to improve the mechanical properties of composite materials.