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Graphitization Apparatus of the carbon fiber

  Carbon carbon composite material is reinforced by carbon fiber and matrix carbon,and the quality of the carbon fiber is the key point to the carbon carbon composite material. And the most important process of the carbon fiber graphitization is the graphitization equipment and the high temperature treating technology.

  Carbon fiber is a fibrous carbon materials, has high specific strength, high specific modulus, high temperature resistance, ablation resistance, fatigue resistance, creep resistance, electrical and thermal conductivity, low density and thermal expansion coefficient and other a series of excellent properties, is advanced composite structures are the most important reinforcing material, is widely used in spacecraft, spacecraft, satellites, military and high-end sports activities.

  The industrial production of carbon fiber raw materials mainly asphalt fiber and viscose and polyacrylonitrile (Pan) three categories, a variety of different raw materials, after spinning, oxidation, carbonization and surface treatment processes were prepared various properties of carbon fiber.

  Graphite fiber is made from carbon fiber under the protection of inert gas at 2000 to 3000 C. In the process of graphite, carbon fiber can be further removed about 5% of the non carbon elements, while the graphite structure of carbon atoms arranged in the micro level by the two-dimensional graphite structure to the three-dimensional structure of the orderly transformation

  Compared with other materials, graphite fiber has a low mass and high elastic modulus. As a high performance structural composites reinforced materials with wide application prospect, but because of the high cost of production, the applications in commercial and industrial areas are seriously restricted. It is mainly used for aerospace industry and military industry and small batch, variety.

  In order to expand the field of commercial application of graphite fiber, we must find ways to reduce manufacturing costs. During the stage of graphite, it is mainly to reduce the energy consumption of the universal tubular graphite furnace heat treatment equipment, and to improve its thermal efficiency and service life.