The development of graphene

  The economic reference news reporter recently from authoritative sources was informed that including new materials planning, including a plurality of graphene industry support policies, is expected in the first half of the year, and gradually introduced. The core of these policies is promoting graphene industry key technology to achieve a breakthrough and rapid industrialization. Graphene industry will gradually form a lithium batteries for electric vehicles with graphene based electrode materials, marine engineering with graphene based anti-corrosive paint, flexible electronics with graphene films, the field of optoelectronic graphene based high performance thermal interface materials, including four industry clusters, the whole industry scale is expected to exceed billion yuan.

  The authorities revealed that the "new materials planning" will have special chapters on "the period graphene industry development to make arrangements, the focus is to promote the four graphene field of breakthroughs in key technologies, and promote the industrialization process, as soon as possible the formation of industrial clusters. Also in 2016 on the first half of the year is expected to introduce multiple for graphene industry promoting policy, mainly involved in the establishment of the graphene development special programs and special fund, established a number of national new material innovation center, accelerate the formulation of graphene new materials standards and the application of standards, to promote the new material graphene demonstration and application, the establishment of industrial base of graphene etc. aspects.

  At present, the development of graphene industry is highly concerned about the domestic. To this end, the national development and Reform Commission, the Ministry of science and technology, Ministry of science and technology at the end of 2015 issued a number of opinions on accelerating the development of graphene industry innovation, to promote the development of graphene industry. Previously, the Chinese manufacturing 2025> key areas of technology roadmap, and other important documents have also been deployed in the long-term development of graphene.