Petroleum coke

  Is crude oil by distillation light heavy oil separation, heavy oil again by thermal cracking process, and transformed into products, from the appearance, coke was irregular shape, size of massive black (or particles), metallic luster, coke particles with multi pore structure of petroleum coke (PETroleum coke), elements of the main composition for carbon, possession of 80wt% (WT is the abbreviation of weight is the weight percent content. 5WT% is equivalent to 50000PPM ((PPM is in the millions of content. And the rest of the hydrogen, oxygen, nitrogen, sulfur and metal elements. Petroleum coke has its unique physical and chemical properties and mechanical properties, itself is a heating portion of the non-volatile carbon, volatiles and mineral impurities (sulfur, metal compounds, water, ash, etc.) these indicators determine coke chemical


  A coke produced by delayed coking process. The essence is a partially graphitized carbon form. Colored black porous, granular, can not melt. The element is mainly composed of carbon, or contain a small amount of hydrogen, nitrogen, sulfur, oxygen and some metal elements, sometimes with water. Widely used in metallurgical, chemical and other industries as the electrode or the production of chemical products raw materials.


  The morphology of petroleum coke varies with process, operating conditions and feed properties. From the place of production of petroleum coke petroleum coke are referred to as coke (green) cokes containing some not carbonized carbon hydrocarbon compounds of volatile and coke can be as fuel grade petroleum coke, if to do with aluminum anode or steel electrode, then calcined at high temperature, the complete carbonization, reduce volatile copies to a minimum degree. Most of the coke produced in the petroleum coke place is a dark brown porous solid irregular block, which is also called coke sponge. The second quality better petroleum coke called needle coke (needle coke), the lower the resistance and thermal expansion coefficient, and therefore more suitable for electrode. Third kinds of hard petroleum coke is called spherical (coke shot), which is shaped like a bullet, the surface area is small, not easy to coking, so the use is not much.

  Petroleum coke is in crude oil by distillation of heavy oil or other heavy oil as raw material, at a high flow rate by 500 DEG C + - 1 DEG C heating furnace furnace tube, so that the cracking and condensation reaction in the coking tower, and the coke to a certain time cold coke, with the exception of petroleum coke coke production.


  Petroleum coke can be used for the production of graphite, smelting and chemical industry, etc.. Low sulfur, high quality of cooked coke such as needle coke. It is mainly used for manufacture of ultra high power graphite electrode and some special carbon products; in the steelmaking industry needle coke is an important material in the new technology development of EAF steelmaking. Medium sulfur, ordinary cooked coke, a large number of aluminum smelting. High sulfur, ordinary coke, is used for chemical production, such as the manufacture of calcium carbide, silicon carbide, etc., also have as a metal casting and other fuels. China production of petroleum coke, mostly low sulfur petroleum coke, mainly used in aluminum smelting and manufacturing graphite.

  Other is mainly used for production of carbon products, such as graphite electrodes, anode arc, provides steelmaking, nonferrous metal, aluminum; preparation of silicon carbide products, such as various grinding wheels and sandpaper, sand paper; for commercial production of calcium carbide products, production of synthetic fiber, such as acetylene; also do as fuel, but for fuel required grading impact grinding of superfine grinding, equipment through JZC-1250 made coke powder after combustion, using coke powder as fuel is mainly some glass factory, coal water slurry plant.