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Discussion on the use and selection of silicon carbide crucible

  The crucible is a bowl shaped container with a deep bottom. The general graphite crucible can not guarantee the safety in the high temperature environment, and the conductive speed is slow so that it is not conducive to the experiment. When a solid is heated by a fire, it is necessary to use a graphite crucible. Because it is more able to withstand high temperatures than glass vessel, the current silicon carbide crucible is widely used.

  We don’t put too full the melting stuff in the silicon carbide crucible usually when it is used so as to prevent the heat from jumping out and let the air be free to get in and out for possible oxidation reaction. Because the bottom of the crucible is very small, generally it need to be in the mud triangle in order to heat by the fire directly. The crucible is placed on the iron triangle frame with a positive discharge or an inclined release, and the demand of the experiment can be arranged on the self. it shall not be placed on a cold metal table immediately after the crucible is heated to prevent it from cracking due to sharp cooling. It also can not be placed on the wooden desktop immediately in order to avoid hot to the desktop or cause a fire. The correct approach to the iron tripod on the natural cooling, or placed on the asbestos network to make it slowly cooling.

  How to choose a good quality silicon carbide crucible?It has a high temperature resistance because silicon carbide crucible is mainly used for melting metal, so the correct selection of a silicon carbide crucible is particularly important. With the naked eye to check the appearance of silicon carbide crucible to see if there are cracks carefully and if there is a clear rift on it so as to avoid unnecessary damage in the work. We also can use caliper to measure the smoothness of a crucible, and the digital Standard Specification for a lot of difference, should be careful to buy. The good silicon carbide crucible can not only accelerate the work efficiency, but also can save consumption, will not cause unnecessary waste.

  Our silicon carbide crucible using the international latest technology of isostatic pressing method and strict quality assurance testing system, we select high quality refractory raw materials, high-tech formula and developed a new generation of high quality silicon carbide crucible . It has the product volume density, high temperature resistant, fast heat, acid and alkali resistant erosion, high temperature strength and antioxidant characteristics of higher performance, the service life is three times the clay graphite crucible.