The feature of quartz crucible

  Quartz crucible, with high purity, strong heat resistance, large size high precision, good heat insulation, energy saving, stable quality and other advantages, more and more widely used. The inspection of the quartz crucible is a very important step, and the detection of the quartz crucible is developing towards the field!

  1. quartz crucible can be used below 1450 degrees, divided into two kinds of transparent and opaque. The translucent quartz crucible fabricated by arc method is the basic material for drawing large diameter monocrystalline silicon and developing large-scale integrated circuits. Today, the world's semiconductor industry developed countries have replaced the small transparent quartz crucible with this crucible. He has high purity and strong heat resistance, large size high precision, good heat insulation, energy saving, stable quality etc..

  2, can not touch the HF and, at high temperature, and carbonate was easily caustic and alkali metal.

  3. quartz crucibles are suitable for melting samples with K2S2O7, KHSO4 as flux, and using Na2S207 (first drying at 212 degrees) to treat samples with flux.

  4. quartz brittle, easy to break, use should pay attention to.

  5. except HF,

  Quartz glass crucible

  Common dilute inorganic acids can be used as cleaning solutions. Quartz crucibles used for drawing monocrystalline silicon in China are 18 inches and 20 inches 22 inches. There are also 22 or more crucibles used by manufacturers. At present, the crucible technology produced by large crucible manufacturers in China is quite mature. Its production and use of raw materials, quartz sand imported by the United States and Norway high purity quartz sand two. There are also small factories using homemade materials. The quartz crucibles produced by their raw materials have certain influence on the stability of the drawn monocrystalline silicon.

  The current production of crucible coating technique has been used by most manufacturers is in ordinary quartz sand solution for crucible surface coated with a layer of two barium oxide solution so as to form a dense layer, the dense layer can prevent the silicon and silicon high temperature quartz crucible drawing process to improve reaction rate.

  Use and maintenance of quartz crucibles

  1. The main chemical composition of quartz crucible is silicon dioxide, except hydrofluoric acid and other acids, easy and caustic and alkali carbonate.

  2. The quartz crucible has a good thermal stability and can be heated directly on the flame

  3. Quartz crucibles, like glassware, are easy to break and use with great care

  4. Using quartz crucible with potassium bisulfate (sodium), sodium thiosulfate (at 212 degrees Celsius for drying) such as flux, melting temperature will not exceed 800 degrees celsius.