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The brief introduction of isostatic silicon carbide graphite crucible

  Silicon carbide graphite crucible, isostatic molding technology, long life, is 4 times the ordinary crucible. Chemical resistance, strong oxidation resistance, thermal conductivity, thermal shock stability! bowl shaped container with a ceramic crucible. When a solid is heated by a fire, it is necessary to use a crucible. Because it is more able to withstand high temperatures than glassware.

  When the crucible is used, it is usually not too full to prevent the heat from jumping out and allowing the air to move in and out for possible oxidation. Crucible because of its small bottom, generally need to stand on the mud triangle in order to direct heating fire. The crucible is placed on the iron tripod with a positive or oblique position, and the requirements of the experiment can be arranged on the self. The crucible should not be placed immediately on the cold metal table after heating, so as to prevent it from cracking due to sharp cooling. Do not immediately put on the wooden table, in order to avoid burning the desktop or cause a fire. The correct way is to keep the iron triangle on the natural cooling, or put on the asbestos network to make it cool.

  The crucible can be divided into three categories: graphite crucible, clay crucible and metal crucible. In the graphite crucible, there are three kinds of common graphite crucible, special graphite crucible and high pure graphite crucible. Because of the surface treatment process, can be divided into ordinary graphite crucible, graphite crucible coatings (in graphite crucible with a layer of graphite crucible coating way), graphite crucible of various types, due to performance, and the use of different conditions, the raw material used, production method, technology and product specifications are the difference.

  The main raw material of the graphite crucible is crystalline natural graphite. So it keeps the original physical and chemical properties of natural graphite.

  That is, good thermal conductivity and high temperature resistance, high temperature in the use of the process, the coefficient of thermal expansion is small, for the heat, the cold has a certain strain resistance. The acid and alkaline solution has good corrosion resistance and excellent chemical stability.

  The crucible has many types and specifications, and is not limited by the scale of production, the size of the batch and the variety of the smelting material in application, and the utility model has the advantages of arbitrary selection, strong applicability and high purity.

  The graphite crucible has been widely used in metallurgy, casting, machinery, chemical industry and so on. It has been widely used in the smelting of alloy tool steel and smelting of nonferrous metals and alloys. And has a good technical and economic effect.