Application of EDM graphite rod

  Electrical discharge machining (EDM) with the advantages of graphite and copper electrode than graphite electrode, the proportion of graphite is 1/5 of the copper, the weight of the same volume of graphite copper relatively light for 5 times. Easy to manufacture large mould; Graphite processing speed, generally 3 ~ 5 times faster than ordinary metals, can reduce the tool wear and the electrode loss; Graphite high melting point and easy not deformation, don't have to worry about because of high processing through deformation and damage of components; Graphite in processing after the completion of the polishing processing generally don't have to. To reduce the error and shorten the production cycle. Graphite electric cremation processing speed and low dissipation factor, as long as well with reasonable processing parameters, the zero loss on the graphite electrode can be theoretical, reduce the number of repeated electrode processing.

  Because of graphite material is copper material has the advantage, at present, many mold factory are converted into graphite processing, so as to shorten the delivery time of products to enhance competitiveness in the market. Europe's current electricity cremation processing with the ratio of graphite and copper, lo and the Chinese market is 3:7, along with the rise in copper prices and technological progress, the proportion of using graphite will continue to rise, therefore, our country of graphite used for edm great development space. During the period of "15" mold market demand is very prosperous, foreground is very good, Beijing Greatwall Co.,Ltd. will provide better products and services. In the current mould has become a bottleneck of many industry development situation, such as to better meet the needed for the development of national economic sectors, "15" during the mold output each year, about 15% of the growth, upgrading the machinery manufacturing equipment and manufacturing technology level enhancement, to precision mold development, develop in the direction of large, complex, long-life, multi-functional composite die will further development, therefore, request graphite material in "specifications on large-scale, granularity composition, ultrafine particles using on flexural capacity strengthened".