EDM graphite electrode

  EDM with graphite electrode, also known as copper, in the mold manufacturing now has many areas, graphite cost advantage plays an important role in modern processing methods, including EDM graphite (isotropic isostatic graphite) in EDM is most widely used. My company after years of application in the field of EDM graphite operation, selection of several domestic and foreign high-quality carbon materials manufacturers as partners, to provide customers with excellent products of graphite electrode in EDM process in all kinds of bad, such as carbon, loss, surface is not up to the performance parameters of material and spark machine requirements and so on bad phenomenon and graphite itself has a direct connection, high quality graphite spark machine is not any brand of imported can achieve the desired effect, my company after years of research, according to the current market mainstream equipment to customers for graphite materials with the highest price, and a professional engineer to provide professional counseling can effectively reduce the cost of operating machine, help the mold manufacturing enterprises.

  1: the increasing complexity of the mold geometry and the diversification of product applications lead to the increasing demand for the discharge accuracy of the EDM machine. Graphite electrode has the advantages of easy processing, high removal rate and low graphite loss. Therefore, the metal electrode is replaced by graphite electrode. In addition, some of the special shape of the electrode can not use copper production, but graphite are more easily formed, and the copper electrode is heavy, not suitable for processing large electrode, these factors have caused some qunji spark machine application of graphite electrode.

  2: the graphite electrode is easier to process, and the processing speed is faster than the copper electrode. For example, the use of milling process graphite, its processing speed is faster than other metal processing 2 ~ 3 times and does not require additional manual processing, and the copper electrode is the need for hand grinding. Similarly, if the use of high-speed graphite processing center graphite electrode manufacturing electrode, the speed will be faster, more efficient, will not produce dust problems. In these processes, the choice of the right tools and graphite can reduce the wear and wear of copper and copper. If the graphite electrode and the copper electrode graphite electrode milling time is compared, the graphite is 67% faster than the copper electrode, in general, the processing of the graphite electrode is faster than that of the copper electrode by the use of the copper electrode, and the graphite electrode is more than 58%. In this way, the processing time is greatly reduced, and the manufacturing cost is reduced.

  3: the graphite electrode is different from the traditional copper electrode. Many mold factory usually reserved in different copper electrode roughing and finishing, and the graphite electrode is used for almost the same, which reduces the number of CAD/CAM and the single machine, for this reason, to improve the accuracy of mold cavity to a great extent. Of course, mold factory made of copper electrode to the graphite electrode, first of all should be clear is how to use graphite materials and its consideration

  His related factors. Today, some customers use graphite electrode discharge, which eliminates the mold cavity polishing and chemical polishing process is still able to achieve the desired surface finish. It is not possible to produce such a workpiece without increasing the time and polishing process. In addition, graphite is divided into different levels, using the appropriate level in the specific application of the graphite and EDM parameters to achieve the desired processing results, if the operators use the same parameter with copper electrode in EDM using graphite electrode, then the result would be disappointing. If the material of the electrode is strictly controlled, the graphite electrode can be arranged in a non loss state (less than 1%) when being processed, but the copper electrode is not used.

  Graphite has the following copper incomparable quality characteristics:

  * processing speed: high speed milling roughing 3 times faster than copper; high speed milling finishing copper faster than 5 times

  * good machinability, can achieve complex geometric modeling

  * light weight, density less than 1/4 of copper, easy to hold electrode

  * can reduce the number of individual electrodes, because can be bundled into a combination electrode

  * good thermal stability, no deformation, no burr.

  application field

  Carbon and graphite products are widely used in various fields of machinery, electronics, semiconductor, silicon, metallurgy, petroleum, chemical, textile, electrical appliances, motor, electric, transportation, communications, aviation, atomic energy, medicine, food, biological engineering, in order to give full play to the characteristics and potential of our company has been positive for customers in different fields provide technical support and service.