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How to extend the service life of the graphite plate

  The machining quality of the graphite plate influences its service life directly.It must be processed carefully to reach the standard indicators. it must be uniform such as dipping, the resistivity must be consistent, it also can avoid a part is intact and another part is serious corrosion in the production process so that the total body waste down.

  It is the key to make a good use environment to prolong the service life of graphite anode plate. In the production process, reduce the impact, keep the working environment clean, detect the circuit on time and organizing the production at a fixed temperature, reduce the degree of oxidation of the air.

  The Matters needing attention for prolonging the service life of graphite plate:

  The larger the amount of current is, the higher the surface temperature of the graphite plate. Minimum load density (power) is recommended.

  The graphite plate should be in parallel as far as possible. the resistance of the graphite plate is high when the resistor is connected in series If the resistance value of the graphite plate is different,and it will leads to the rapid increase of the resistance of a graphite plate and the short life

  The appearance of the graphite plate will form a dense silicon oxide film after it is heated in the air, it’s a anti-oxidation maintenance film and play a life extending effect. In recent years, various kinds of coatings have been developed to avoid the cracking of graphite plates.

  The shorter of the service lift of graphite plate , the higher the use temperature , so when the furnace temperature over 1400℃, the oxidation rate accelerated ,the life shorten , we shouldn’t let the graphite plate surface temperature is too high when we use it.