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Carbon carbon -silicon carbide ceramic matrix brake disks

  Carbon / carbon - silicon carbide composite material is carbon fiber reinforced carbon and silicon carbide ceramic matrix composite material , it appears in early 1980s as the thermal structure of materials with low density, good oxidation resistance, corrosion resistance, excellent high temperature mechanical properties and thermal physical properties, good self-lubricating performance and other advantages, it is a new high temperature structural materials and functional materials which can be used in the 1650℃. As the brake disk material , the carbon / carbon - silicon carbide composite material not only has the advantages such as carbon disk density is small, stable brake wear, the rate of weight loss is small and large heat capacity , but also it overcome the high hygroscopicity of the carbon disc, low friction coefficient in wet hygrometric state , low static friction coefficient, lack of adaptability, so it’s taken the lead in the F16 fighter. Silicon carbide ceramic matrix material use a silicon carbide impregnation process based on the carbon / carbon material , it use carbon fiber as reinforcement, silicon carbide as the matrix material, its performance has exceeded the current application of carbon / carbon brake disk material.

  The carbon / carbon-silicon carbide ceramic brake disks can make the braking response more sensitive and the braking effect is more obvious. At the same time, it also has excellent resistance to power attenuation. The service life of the brake disks is longer than the ordinary brake disks, and it has stronger durability because the maintenance cost is lower. The body weight of the vehicles can be reduced 15 kg after equipping with the carbon / carbon - silicon carbide ceramic matrix brake disk, it reduce the unsprung mass and improve the power weight ratio without increasing engine power so that the overall performance of the vehicles and handling are promoted.

  The application of carbon - carbon / silicon carbide ceramic matrix material: brake disk materials: including aircraft brakes (military and civil aircraft brakes), helicopter rotor, a new generation brake system of of the tanks, the train brake disk (EMU and fast train), car brakes (in luxury cars, cars, large truck truck etc.).