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Graphite crucible in vacuum aluminizing application

  Vacuum aluminizing film is a production process which we make aluminum metal evaporating and then plate it on the surface of the film base material to form a composite film under the vacuum condition. BOPET, BONY, BOPP, PE, PVC and other plastic film adopt direct aluminizing process, the aluminizing for paper and leather will choose evaporation - transfer process.

  The graphite crucible is the essential consumable parts in vacuum aluminizing film production, the quality of graphite crucible will affect the product quality and the production cost of aluminizing film directly. The vacuum aluminizing has stringent requirements to the graphite crucible.

  The appropriative vacuum aluminizing graphite crucible produced by our company has the following advantages:

  Our graphite crucible produced by the graphite raw materials which made through special technology , its bulk density is high , the porosity is low, and it can farthest resist the corrosion resistance of molten aluminum and aluminum particles.

  Our graphite raw materials has high purity and low ash content, it doesn’t produce harmful volatile substances in the vacuum aluminizing production, it can avoid the formation of pits, voids and pinholes in aluminizing film and guarantee the quality of the aluminizing film fully.

  After the special processing, our graphite crucible get trong antioxidant properties,low consumption and long service life.

  All of our graphite crucible will be polished treatment after processing to ensure precise size and smooth surface .

  Our appropriative vacuum aluminizing graphite crucible can be used continuously for 24-52 hours or do the coating film production 22-48 times.