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Graphite grease rod for train wheels

  With the development of railway transportation, the request of the train itself is further improved, especially in the load and speed. With the increased speed, increased load, wear the train wheel flange also intensifies, at the same time, also aggravate the rail wear. The rims of the maintenance, replacement has caused huge waste, and the consumption of maintenance and replacement of rails is more beyond imagination. So, the train locomotive wheel flange lubrication on the imminent problem. The train locomotive flange lubrication refers to the lubrication measures in locomotive wheel and rail contact, the contact surface friction, reduce wear and tear on the train and railway tracks and loss of flange. The train locomotive wheel includes lubricating grease lubrication and dry lubrication used. The grease is spraying lubricating grease in the train to the rim and the rail contact surface, thereby reducing the friction coefficient, friction reduction. Dry lubrication and grease lubrication principle is the same, is to replace the solid lubricant grease. Dry lubrication has many advantages which are not possessed by grease lubrication, and can achieve better lubrication effect. For example: environmental protection, energy saving, etc.. In the control, the use of pneumatic control, making the entire lubrication system is simple and easy to control. And pneumatic system components are using the national standard parts, more suitable for practical application

  The main difference between dry and wet lubrication is the change of the body. The solid lubricant is mainly based on graphite and other mineral mixture as the base of the lubricating rod. Solid lubricant with the spring machinery device with sliding friction contact surface flange, and maintain a certain pressure. When the locomotive wheel rotates, it Ever fount solid lubricant over the train flange surface, stored in the concave micro uneven, in under the action of shear layer, easy to form a strong adhesion force and load bearing capacity of high polymer as the theme of the multi composite solid lubricating film. The film is formed at the top of the friction surface, and gradually extends to form a continuous solid lubrication film. The film is continuously transferred to the inner surface of the top of the rail with the wheel rotation, and the film is formed on the surface of the film. Solid lubricating film separates the train locomotive wheel and rail friction interface, realize the wheel rail lubrication line. Due to the heavy load, the local solid lubrication film is damaged, and the continuous flow of the lubricating film is added to achieve dynamic balance. The solid lubrication film is the friction between the wheel / rail to maintain at a low level, to reduce the wheel / rail wear rate, improve the relationship between the wheel and rail, extend its service life, improve the economic efficiency of transport purposes.