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The preparation method of high purity graphite

  The high purity graphite products are widely used in metallurgy, machinery, electronics, chemical, electrical, food and other industrial fields. For emitting an electron tube, thyratron, mercury arc rectifier with graphite plate,the grid plate; semiconductor technology with graphite boat dish, the crucible, heating element, single crystal furnace heater, metal gasification with graphite ware, continuous casting mold, pressure sintering graphite template, electric spark machining of the graphite electrode. Faced with so many applications,Just only one way to prepare high purity graphite is clearly not enough, the following are the high purity graphite preparation methods which given by we , the graphite products manufacturer :

  1).The theory of high temperature process for the preparation of high purity graphite: we can utilize the low boiling point nature of the impurities to make the impurities first gasification and removal of insulation via heating the graphite materials to 2700 DEG C degrees above, for a certain period of time, it can get rid of all impurities. the carbon content of graphite was 99.99% or more when the graphite was purified by high temperature graphite method.

  2).The flotation process for the preparation of high purity graphite: the flotation method is mainly used on the graphite preliminary purification, the purity is not high after purification, it shall be by chemical or thermal methods to further remove impurities from the graphite if we need to improve graphite grade. That graphite products processing factory in flake graphite fast flotation experimental study on process flow: fast flotation process can make the taste for 4.35% of the ore grade is 91.89%, recovery rate was 92.52% graphite concentrate. Compared with the ordinary flotation method, the grade of graphite concentrate in the fast flotation process was increased by 1.15%, the recovery rate was increased by 4.28%, and the graphite large yield was also improved significantly.

  3). The chlorination roasting method to prepare high purity graphite: the chlorination roasting method is make the graphite roasted under the high temperature and a certain atmosphere , then passing into the chlorine for chemical reaction , the impurities in the graphite by chlorination reaction, gas generation phase or condensed chloride and complex (lower melting point and boiling point) to escape so as to achieve the purpose of purification. The chlorination roasting method has the characteristics of high recovery rate and low cost. We put one or several of the inert gas, chlorine, freon and tetrafluoroethane in the closed graphitizing furnace for purification of graphitization, we can get the high purity graphite which the ash content is less than 50 ppm.

  Our company also can provide the high purity graphite under 20PPm,please contact us if you have the demand of these high purity graphite material or products.