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Research progress of graphite purification

  Graphite is an important strategic resource,and China’s graphite resource reserves and production rank the first in the world. High purity graphite has excellent performance and graphite products are widely used. Purification of graphite is the premise and basis of graphite products application,therefore the performance and application of graphite products are directly affected by the purity of graphite. Graphite resource and production and consumption in China and the rest of the world are presented. The main methods for purification of graphite are discussed,and the research progress of graphite purification are reviewed from several aspects,including flotation method, alkali-acid processing method,hydrofluoric acid washing,chloridizing roasting and high temperature purification. After comparing the advantages and disadvantages of each method,the development direction and prospect of graphite purification is put forward. Grinding and flotation technology for protection of larger graphite flake,less fluoride or fluoride-free graphite purification and cost-effective high temperature graphite purification will be the new technologies in the future.

  As the purification of graphite is the prerequisite and basis for the development and application of graphite materials, the demand for high purity graphite will be increased with the improvement of the application level of graphite. The purification of graphite should be adapted to local conditions, and the development of resource saving and environment friendly.

  Graphite as a kind of important strategic resource and our country's advantage resources, need to develop the deep processing and application of graphite industry. Graphite purification technology to floatation purification technology as the foundation, according to the graphite product application field and application way requirements, in order to deepen the alkali acid, hydrofluoric acid, high temperature method and purification technology. The development trend of the purification technology will be the development of high temperature purification technology with the protection of large scale integrated grinding flotation technology, the low fluorine and fluorine free purification of acid and alkali substitution technology and the realization of superior cost-effective.