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The feature of graphite crucible

  To prevent the heating material out, the crucible does not usually carry the melting stuff too full, and let the air for oxidation of free import and possible.

  The crucible for the bottom is very small, generally need to frame in the mud triangle to fire direct heating. Crucible in the iron triangle with is placed or diagonal can be seen, the requirement of experiment can be placed. The crucible after heating can not immediately be placed in cold metal on the desktop, in order to avoid it because of rapid cooling and rupture. Could not be immediately placed on a wooden table, to avoid scalding desktop or cause a fire. The correct approach for detaining natural cooling in iron triangle, or put it in slowly cooled asbestos online. SiC graphite crucible adopts the international latest technology of isostatic pressing method and strict quality assurance testing system, selection of high quality refractory raw materials, high-tech formula developed a new generation of high quality silicon carbide crucible, this product has the volume density, high temperature resistant, fast heat, acid and alkali resistant erosion, high temperature strength and antioxidant characteristics of higher performance and service life is 3 times the clay graphite crucible.

  The crucible can be divided into graphite crucible, clay crucible and metal crucible three categories. Due to the different surface treatment process can be divided into ordinary graphite crucible, oxidation resistant coating of graphite crucible, various types of graphite crucible, owing to the different uses and conditions of use and performance, used raw material, production method, technology and product specifications also are different.

  The main raw material of the graphite crucible is the crystallization of natural graphite. So it keeps all kinds of physical and chemical properties of natural graphite.

  It is with good thermal conductivity and high temperature resistance, in the use of high temperature, the thermal expansion coefficient is small, the heat and cold has a certain anti strain properties. For acid, alkaline solution has strong corrosion resistance, and has excellent chemical stability.

  Because of its excellent performance, graphite crucible is popular in metallurgy, casting, mechanical, chemical and other industrial sectors, is widely used in the smelting of alloy tool steel and non-ferrous metals and alloys. And has good technical and economic results.