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The application of graphite lubricant in mechanical industry

  As everyone knows, the graphite has a sheet crystal structure and good lubrication performance like molybdenum sulfide and MOS2. And it also has good electrical conductivity, thermal conductivity, wear resistance, pressure resistance, temperature resistance (temperature can be up to 450 degrees C) and chemical stability of memory and characteristics, so the graphite are widely used to manufacture various lubricants in the machinery industry.

  Used as the graphite lubricant, it mainly makes the graphite particles distributed uniformly in the form stable colloidal matter in water, oil or other medium, it can directly use inunction, dip coating or spraying way to add to the parts which need the lubrication, it can also be added to a variety of lubricants. It is in contact with the metal surface, not only to form a layer of solid lubrication film, but also to improve the metal surface of the wetting properties of other lubricants, so as to maintain a long time the role of lubrication. In addition, due to the presence of graphite is very fine particles, it is easy to penetrate into the tight fit sliding or rotating parts and assume a good lubrication effect.

  The graphite lubricant has the following effects:

  1).The operation of various mechanical parts can reduce wear, fever or burn and other phenomena and extend the service life of the machine after they use the colloidal graphite lubricant.

  2). The friction power loss is greatly reduced and the work efficiency is improved when we use the graphite lubricant.

  3).The graphite lubricant can save the consumption of lubricating oil, when we add a little limb graphite lubricating oil , it can greatly reduce the consumption of lubricating oil, it can up to 60% or so.

  4).It can make the surface quality of the machined parts increased, but also can improve the cutting speed and cutting tool life more than 30% when we use a small amount of colloidal graphite lubricant in the metal cutting.

  5).All new machines, internal combustion engine cylinder piston rod and crankshaft, etc., use containing colloidal graphite lubricant at first, it will greatly reduce the initial wear serious phenomenon.

  6).The graphite lubricant can reduce the mechanical failure and the noise in operation and save the maintenance cost.

  7).By adding colloidal graphite lubricant in the boiler water , it can an avoid the formation of the pot scar and can make the original pot scar easily removed, it is beneficial to the maintenance of the boiler.