Application of graphite plate

  The graphite plates are in the shape of plates , according to the use requirements and exact use situation , it can be divided by the raw material , vibracation graphite plates , molded graphite plate and isostatic graphite plates , with different use life and prices , the application of the graphite plates as below:

  1) refractory materials: in the smelting industry, with graphite manufacturing graphite crucible, ingot protective agent, smelting furnace lining magnesia carbon brick.

  2) a conductive material: in the electrical equipment industry, the widespread adoption of graphite electrode, carbon brush, flashlight, carbon nanotubes and TV picture tube coating.

  3) wear resistant materials and lubricants: in many mechanical equipment, using graphite as wear-resistant and lubricating materials, can be in the -200 ~ 2000 degrees Celsius temperature range of 100m/s sliding, no or less with lubricating oil.

  4) sealing material: the use of flexible graphite as a centrifugal pump, water turbine, steam turbine and the equipment to transport corrosive media, piston ring gasket, sealing ring, etc..

  5) corrosion resistant material: graphite as vessels, pipelines and equipment, corrosion resistant to various corrosive gases and liquids, widely used in petroleum, chemical, metallurgical and other departments.

  6) heat insulation, high temperature resistant, radiation resistant materials: graphite can be used as a neutron moderator in nuclear reactors and the rocket nozzle, the nose cone of missiles, aerospace equipment parts, heat insulation materials, anti radiation materials, etc..