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The development of flying graphite

  In July 2012, scientists at the Keel University and the University of Hamburg, Germany, developed the Flying graphite

  The world's lightest material "flying graphite" (Aero graphite), its density is only 0.2 mg / cubic centimeter, replaced the air gel became the world's lightest material. Looks like a black opaque sponge, made up of 99.99% air.

  This new material has a stable performance, good electrical conductivity, ductility and very strong. It is composed of a porous carbon annotate in the nanometer and micron scale, which is composed of a mesh structure. Although its quality is very light, but the flexibility is very good, has a strong anti compression capacity and tension load. It can be compressed to 95%, and then restored to the original size. It can absorb almost all the light.


  1, stable performance;

  2, with good electrical conductivity;

  3, strong extension

  4, very stable


  1. Flying graphite is mounted on the electrode of lithium ion battery, the battery need electrolyte solution becomes less and less, battery quality thus greatly reduced, small cell can be used in electric car or bike.

  2 can make the composite material with electrical conductivity, so as to avoid electrostatic interference.

  3 can also be applied to the electronic equipment used in the aerospace and satellite fields, because these devices must be able to withstand a large number of vibration.

  4 is expected to be used in water purification, as an adsorbent for the adsorption of pollutants in water, because it can oxidize or decompose and remove pollutants in water.

  5 can be used in the constant temperature box or ventilation equipment to purify the environment air.

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