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Effect of densification process on properties of C/C Composites

  Carbon carbon composite material due to its excellent thermodynamic properties has been widely used as solid rocket engine nozzle throat liner material, but graphite throat lining material due to the absence of carbon fiber reinforced, low strength, poor thermal shock resistance, low reliability; and multidimensional weaving and integrated felt carbon carbon throat lining, the complex production process, cycle is long, the production cost is higher.

  Acupuncture has no weft fabric preform due to its internal alternating vertical layer straight pull carbon fiber, greatly improve material X - Y to the mechanical properties of, by paving layer between carbon fiber net fetal Z to acupuncture, improves the strength between layers of materials. The forming process of carbon carbon composite material with needle insertion without weft insertion is generally by impregnation of carbon precursor/ carbonation or CVI.

  Thermal conductivity of carbon carbon composite material will determine its heat exchanging with the outside world and its own temperature change, its thermal expansion properties determine the size stability of its structure, which directly affects the stress distribution state and thermal shock resistance.

  (1) before the pitch impregnation / carbonization of needled preform of CVI yejiyuzeng density, prepared by the method of carbon carbon composite material than not the forecasted and density of the specimens and the axial tensile strength improve 234% and interlaminar shear strength increased by 126%. At the same time, the material with higher thermal diffusivity and low axial linear expansion coefficient, showing a good comprehensive performance.

  (2) compared to pure asphalt carbon based materials, CVI pretreatment of carbon carbon composite materials, the performance of non brittle fracture, fracture surface has a large number of fiber pull out, fiber play a toughening effect.