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Fatigue Behavior of Carbon Carbon Composites

  carbon/carbon composite material integrated carbon material of high temperature properties and composite materials with excellent mechanical properties, with high specific strength and high specific stiffness, excellent ablation resistance and friction performance, good thermal shock resistance, low creep, high temperature strength retention rate high and good biocompatibility and so on a series of excellent properties, it can be as functional materials, and can be used as high temperature structural materials, is currently the only composite material for high temperature of 2800.

  So far, the carbon carbon composites have been successfully application in missile reentry nose cone, solid rocket motor nozzle, aerospace aircraft structure parts, brake disc, a heat exchanger, high power electronic device radiator and artificial bones, joints, teeth many fields, the development potential of large.

  As the ideal candidates for high temperature structural materials, carbon carbon composite material in the service process inevitably relates to fatigue loading situation of fatigue damage of the gradual accumulation of will lead to a material in a certain number of cycles suddenly fracture, the fracture often no obvious signs, the harm is great, so the fatigue behavior research has very important significance, received extensive attention.

  The fatigue behavior of carbon carbon composite material is not only related to the composition and structure of the material, but also with the test parameters, the different load and different loading frequency reflect the fatigue behavior.

  The research on the fatigue behavior of carbon carbon composite material despite extensive attention, but still very limited, in order to promote carbon carbon composite material can as soon as possible from the laboratory into the practical application stage, a comprehensive understanding of the fatigue behavior is the focus of future research.