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Introduction of the types and properties of graphite crucible materials

  Many kinds of materials have been developed and used in graphite crucibles after many years of high speed development, and the graphite crucibles made of different materials has different characteristics in its application.

  Graphite crucible materials can be roughly divided into artificial graphite, graphite - clay material and graphite - silicon carbide material.

  Artificial graphite crucible is made from graphite electrode material.

  The main component of graphite-clay crucible are natural flake graphite and clay. Now it’s only used in high temperature melting of iron casting and steel casting and the melting of precious metals.

  Graphite - silicon carbide crucible is made from the natural flake graphite and silicon carbide .Most of the melting of non-ferrous metals such as copper alloy and aluminum alloy are using these crucibles.The Japanese crucible Co., Ltd. developed and producted the graphite - silicon carbide material crucible for the first time in Japan in 1955.The graphite-clay crucibles are replaced by it gradually because the graphite - silicon carbide material crucible has excellent durability compared with the graphite clay material. Now the demand for graphite silicon carbide crucible has accounted for about 97% of the total.

  Graphite crucible is try its best to meet the use in harsh conditions in the raw materials,manufacturing and other aspects.

  The main characteristics of graphite crucible are listed as follows:

  1).High thermal conductivity: due to the use of graphite and other raw materials in high thermal conductivity, it ensures good thermal conductivity, shortens the time to dissolve and reduces energy consumption.

  2).Heat shock resistance: the heat shock performance of graphite crucible is strong, it’s not easy to break for the urgent cold ,urgent heat and any process.

  3).High heat resistance:graphite crucible has figures as high temperature, it can be in high temperature resistant 1200~1600.

  4).Corrosion Resistance :uniform and fine matrix design graphite of crucible make it strong to erosion against melt and delay the erosion degree of the product.

  5).Anti mechanical shock: graphite crucible has a certain impact on the strength of the impact of mechanical properties (such as the input of the molten material, etc.).

  6).Oxidation resistance: Graphite is easy to be oxidized in the high temperature oxidation aerial fog , it has less consumption of oxidation due to the prevention of oxidation treatment, .

  7).Anti adhesion:the soakage and adhesion of melt soup to graphite crucible is less because of the characteristics of graphite which is not easy to adhere with the melt soup.

  8).The metal pollution control: graphite crucible isn’t be mixed with impurity which can pollute melting soup the because of strict control of the material composition and the rare metal contamination.

  9).Resistance to slag remover (in addition to slag agent) effect:graphite crucible has a good resistance to slag (slag remover) effect.

  10).Acid resistance:in the addition of special materials ,we significantly improve the quality of the graphite crucible and make it has excellence performance in the acid resistance.

  11).Quality stability: the production technology and quality assurance system of high pressure forming method of graphite crucible fully guarantee the stability of the quality.