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Study on machining technology of carbon carbon composite nozzle

  By changing the machining method of the carbon carbon composite material,the C/C nozzle can meet CNC machining,it can avoid the various defects made by manual processing,improve the qualified rate, increase the workshop processing ability.

  Nowadays,carbon carbon composite material is the main development trend of tactical missile throat material,the high-property carbon carbon composite nozzle is mostly made of 4D C/C material.

  The carbon carbon composite nozzle in the SRM has a high property requirement,mainly include ablation resistance property,high stability,machinable and can be mass production,now it need low cost.

  The normal turning machine is low machining accuracy and influenced personaly too much,the machining surface is not uniform,to confirm the quality of the carbon carbon composite nozzle,it should be processed more accuract.

  The first influence of machining is the different programming,in addition, the geometry of the tool also have an influence on the machining,the right way to choose the tool can reduce the influence of the material properties, as the low density of carbon carbon composite material(1.85~1.98g/cm3),the most suitable angle of the tool is from 18 degree to 20 degree.

  As the multidimensional programming C/C composite material nozzle has particularity and complexity, the machining of the nozzle should consider about the structure of the Weaving.

  The choosing of the tool should combine with the technology data,after improving the machining technology, different size of the nozzle can be qualified processing.

  With the requirement of the nozzle material increasing,the nozzle need the material with higher properties,more stable,and the better ablation resistance. The Z axis carbon fiber content of acupuncture and puncture C/C composite material increase,the strength property of the material also increase,and the structure is better,the carbon perform can also meet mass production,it can make meet the low cost production.