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The development of natural graphite in China

  The natural graphite is one of the most important mineral raw materials in the traditional and the emerging industry in China and the development of natural graphite is getting huger and huger.

  Because of the special nature of graphite, America and European countries take that as a strategic resources. The export of graphite is restricted strictly. However in China, there are many problems of graphite mining and producing such as the waste of resources, pollution, disorder and capacity surplus. Therefore in the future, Chinese government will take some action to manage the graphite market.

  Graphite is the top quality of mine in China and the species of graphite export is the natural and primary graphite in a low price. However, China imports the High-tech graphite products from foreign countries with high price.

  According to the research of graphite development, the demand of graphite in 2020 will reach 1miliion t, 42.5% growth rate higher than 2010. At the consumer market, the traditional field is still the central part of graphite demand, but the proportion of traditional market will be lower than before. Some new field such as new energy car will bloom and it will stimulate the graphite development in the future.

  Meanwhile, the graphene development is taking an important role In China. The graphene has a huge potential in electronic devices, new energy, aerospace industry, biomedicine etc. and the graphene will become the next huge market in the world. Many developed countries now are researching graphene and the graphene market is blooming. Therefore, the development of graphene will lead to the growth of natural graphite, and a great amount of new energy industries will emerge in the future.

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