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Carbon carbon composite material used in the aircraft brake disc

  Carbon carbon composite material used in the airplane is an advanced technology,and it’s already widely used in the aerospace field. The big difference between carbon Carbon brake disc and the other material is the material is used of carbon carbon composite material,it’s the heat reservoir,structure material and friction parts.

  The advantage of carbon carbon composite material mainly includes: the light weight,high strength under the high thermal situation,and no distortion,good friction property and long service time,the density of C/C composite is 1/4 of the steel,it can make the Boeing-747-400 lose weight about 800kg. The carbon carbon composite material will not change on the surface and the structure under the 2000 centigrade,during the 3000 centigrade situation,the moudulus will increase with the temperature increasing,the working temperature can meet 2200 centigrade,the strength property of carbon carbon composite material is better than other material,and it has a high thermal conductivity and low C.T.E. the thermal shock resistance is better than other material.

  The disadvantage of carbon carbon composite material is that the material is easy to be oxidized,and under the wet situation,the friction property is worse,the method to solve this problem is make the oxidation resistant coating on the surface of the C/C brake dics.

  The way to manufacture the C/C composite material brake dics mainly devides into two methods,the difference between this two ways is the different carbon matrix,one is using the resin matrix, and another one is using the CVD pyrolytic carbon to make it. Both of this two methods have their disadvantage, to avoid this, the normal way is to using the mixed method.

  The processing: carbon perform, liquid impregnation, carbonization+CVD,high thermal treatment,products.