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Brief talking about the lubrication of graphite

  There are many characteristics of graphite, smooth just is one of all. of course, with the purity of graphite are not the same, characteristic function will has little influence. We usually say that the graphite conductive good, with prominent smooth properties is set up in a certain purity, the higher the purity of graphite. The more obvious the characteristics of graphite . The smooth performance of graphite depends on the graphite scale, the larger the size of the smooth , the

  Better the effect. The flake graphite has many characteristics, flake graphite is widely used in all of countries, especially the industrial application is very common.

  Currently the raw materials of high pure graphite are the flake graphite, the high purity graphite almost recovered graphite characteristics, the graphite after the high pure impregnation and baking ,it will be in high purity ,density and small stomatal trachoma. Long time high temperature roasting process make the adhesive on the inside of the graphite out of the volatile, it will also have a certain gap, and then fill in the void from roasting by impregnation, so repeated impregnation and baking, resulting in the high purity, high hardness and average density graphite, so it’s so smooth. The conductive graphite is of high purity, and the higher the purity of the graphite, the better the smooth effect.

  Lubricating graphite have solid smooth agent, namely talc ink particles, smooth graphite rods and various types and specifications of the lubrication graphite powder.

  Here,let’s mainly talk about the application of Lubrication graphite powder .

  Graphite powder has good lubrication performance, specially used in the lubrication field. What is the application of lubricating graphite powder?

  Lubricating graphite power is confected by the graphite powder and lubricating oil according to a certain proportion.then we add it to the chain, it will make the chain keep clean, lubrication, also won't have the disadvantages. The chain should maintain long-term lubrication, so it should be added lubricating graphite power regularly. High purity graphite, nanometer graphite, colloidal graphite, natural flake graphite has good lubricating performance, they are suitable for solid and liquid lubrication of chemical, oil and machinery equipment .

  The lubricating graphite powder can be made into a solid lubricant graphite agent, which is used for the lubrication of graphite powder in the machine. In the production of lubricating oil and lubricating grease, graphite powder is also required.

  Graphite powder for solid lubricant production, the mechanical friction and lubrication properties of graphite powder to reduce the friction effect. We add the graphite powder in lubricating oil or grease as a lubricant , it can still continue to play the role of lubrication when lubricating oil film rupture because of the heavy load,The lubricant which make from graphite powder ,water and suitable binder has been successfully applied in hot rolling process.

  Graphite powder , as lubricant ,it has good high temperature resistance, good lubricity, good chemical stability, strong ability of anti radiation, non-toxic, and low price advantage. Some of the other characteristics of the graphite powder have many applications in conductive, thermal conductivity, sealing and other industrial areas.