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The performance of the the graphite parts dipped with Ag

  The graphite parts dipped with Ag have many good performance,such as it can be used under the 900centigrade situation,corrosion resistance,mechanical strength and good wear resistance.The graphite dipped with Ag is hard to process,and it cost much.

  The technology of the graphite-Ag need Hi-tech processing and precious metals. And it once used for military,and the exporting is also forbid.

  The process technology of the graphite-Ag is not easy,it need complex impregnation system,and special graphite raw material.make the carbon/graphite material as the matrix,make it under the high temperature and make the melt Ag into the graphite porosity,and got the graphite–Ag material. The graphite dipped with Ag has a low density,low C.E.T.and high mechanical strength,and the friction is also low.

  The graphite dipped with Ag ofter used as sealing material,and it need a low porosity,the best porosity is below 2%. And the graphite-Ag has a good heat shock resistance,under the cold and hot situation the material will not be broken. After the testing ,we could found something white on the surface of the graphite,it’s the AgO,that’s because the testing is in the air, if it’s in the vacuum condition,there will not be the AgO.

  The graphite parts with Ag can be under the high pressure situation,and the compressive strength is higher than the flexible strength,so when we use the parts,it’s better to make it under the compress situation not vibration or friction situation. And reduce the vibration during the working situation.

  Ag will easy to be oxidation in the air environment,so the graphite parts need to dry before using each time.

  The graphite dipped with Ag can be used for military,such as torpedo accessories or rocket nozzle. Now it can also used for the civil use.