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How to use graphite copper bush bearings

  The working principle of graphite copper sleeve: general solid lubricant accounted for friction surface area 20-30%, lubrication principle of graphite self-lubricating bearing copper sleeve is in sliding friction process of shaft and bearing, graphite particles as part of transfer to the friction surface of the shaft and the bearing on the formation of a layer of relatively stable solid lubricating diaphragm. To prevent the direct adhesion of shaft and bearing wear. This combination of rationality combines the advantages and disadvantages of the metal alloy and the non-metallic antifriction material, and is complementary to each other, namely, the high carrying capacity of the metal, and the lubricity of the antifriction material. So it is especially suitable for the environment such as no refueling, less fuel, high temperature, high load or water. B: Graphite copper sleeve and self-lubricating bearing in copper sleeve as the friction surface of metal matrix is developed on the order and proper size of cavities, and embedded graphite or molybdenum disulfide as a solid lubricant with self lubricating performance products. The graphite copper sleeve has been widely used in engineering machinery, metallurgical machinery, mining machinery, locomotive frame, rolling equipment, ship machinery, mold equipment, textile machinery, such as gas turbine of low speed and heavy load, high speed and light load and other occasions.