The main use of graphite

  As refractory materials ,Including the refractory,Crucible for,Continuous casting powder,The mold core,Mold detergents and high temperature resistant material.nearly20 over the years,refractory Industry is the two important changes in magnesia carbon brick is widely used in steel furnace lining,Aluminum and carbon brick should be in continuous casting with.The graphite refractory material and steel industry is closely linked,The world steel industry consumes around70%,The refractory 60 The mid -,Developed by the United States;70s,The Japanese steel industry began to make magnesia carbon brick.Used for water cooling in the arc furnace steelmaking.At present, the worldwide magnesia carbon brick has a large number of used in steelmaking,And has become a kind of graphiteSystem USES 80.s,Magnesia carbon brick for oxygen top-blown converter lining began.The UK used of basic oxygen steelmaking furnace lining,Materials are mostly magnesium carbon brick,Lining life is 1000.At a time1500,While Japan,The service life of furnace lining2000,At a time2500Times.

  Aluminum carbon brick carbon refractory material is mainly used in continuous casting,Flat steel billet from a shield of pipeline,Submerged nozzle, and the well Cartridge etc..With continuous casting of steel production in Japan of total production90%/The above,In the UK for 60%.Made of graphite crucible and relevant products forming and the crucible refractory and its related products,Such as crucible,retort,Plug head and,Nozzle etc.,With high fire resistance,Low thermal expansion,In the process of melting metal,By metal infiltration and erosion is stable,The high temperature,Good thermal shock resistance and good heat conductivity,So the graphite increases would harm its related products are widely used in molten gold directly in the process of the genus.