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       Graphite heat sink, is a kind of new heat conduction material, has a unique grain orientation, along the two directions of uniform heat, film layered structure can be well adapted to any surface, shielding heat source and components of the same time to improve the performance of consumer electronics products. Products even heat dissipation in the thickness of the heat insulation. The molecular structure of the thermal conductive graphite sheet is as follows:

  The unique thermal and thermal insulation properties of graphite heat conduction solution make the thermal conductive graphite to be an outstanding material for heat management solution. The thermal conductivity of the graphite film plane has a high thermal conductivity within the range of W/m-K 150-1500.

  Flexible Graphite sheet C (Thermal) is a natural element, which can be used as a kind of natural element, which can be used in many fields such as electronic, communication, lighting, air and defense industry. It has been widely used in electronic, communication, lighting, air defense and other fields because of its good properties.

  Graphite heat conduction material provides a unique solution to the heat management industry. Heat conduction graphite materials through a series of different heat management solutions to the growing demand for industrial cooling technology to bring new technology to provide a new technology for hot graphite material products to provide a new technology for electronic industrial heat management. Thermal conductive graphite in the case of reducing the weight of the device to provide a more excellent thermal performance, thermal conductivity graphite thermal solution is a new application of thermal design. Thermal design of electronic equipment for thermal conduction graphite.

  The advantages of the graphite heat sink

  1. Low thermal resistance: thermal resistance is 40% lower than that of aluminum, which is lower than 20%

  2.Light weight: weight is lighter than aluminum 25%, 75%

  3.High thermal conductivity: graphite heat sink can be smooth and attached to any plane and curved surface, and can be in accordance with the needs of customers for any form of cutting.