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The use of Flexible graphite sheet and graphite gasket

  Graphite reinforced gasket can also cut into the shape of complex gaskets such as water gauge pads, punching flange gasket and automotive diesel engine cylinder gasket. High strength gasket is pure cut gasket improvements inner coated metal foil, namely to maintain the excellent performance of the original gasket, and easy installation, removal, not damaged, but also to prevent the erosion of the gasket medium improve the pressure, and has good corrosion resistance, high / low temperature, good compression resilient and high strength gasket forms: ordinary type, stainless steel edging type. Material and Structure: Flexible graphite sheet material and the metal plate moved sprint composite molding. Temperature: -200 ° C ~ 600 ° C operating pressure: 20MPa main purposes: for a variety of media machines, static seal pumps, pipes, valves, flanges and other equipment.

    Variety: flexible graphite sheet, flexible graphite sheet, flexible graphite strip.

  Performance: high temperature, low temperature, corrosion resistance to various media, self-lubricating performance, low coefficient of friction, unique flexibility and resilience.

  1.For rubber, plastic filler to improve wear resistance and compressive properties of plastic or wood made ​​of conductive

  2.Anti-static, anti-corrosion coating

  3.Flexible and conformable nature

  4.Chemical resistant, compatible with most corrosive chemicals

  5.Heat and flame resistant

  6.Thermal conductive, electrical conductive

  7.Low creep relaxation and no aging

  Usage: graphite easy to damp, with the completion of the Energizer sealed to prevent contamination of the powder station junction or.