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The main situation of Chinese carbon brick

  Carbon brick Is mainly used for refractory brick of blast furnace hearth, carbon brick lining life determines a life. 1950s - the former Soviet Union into China, until the end of the 80s, there is little research on blast furnace carbon brick, has been used in the former Soviet Union led China's ordinary brick masonry, short service life of blast furnace. In late 80s, the development of iron making technology quickly, blast furnace smelting intensity is greatly improved, the original ordinary brick has not met the needs of blast furnace smelting, blast furnace hearth life decreased to 4 in 5 years. At the same time and effect of BF Blast furnace carbon brick in foreign countries, China began to develop on the block of attention, has developed a variety of new blast furnace carbon brick. Such as self baking carbon brick, semi graphite carbon brick, microporous carbon brick, high conductivity graphite brick. The successful development and application of the brick, make our BF Carbon Brick production technology and product quality has made great progress, is gradually catch up with the world level.

  Our semi graphite carbon brick and microporous carbon brick and the quality level of similar product abroad, can completely replace the similar foreign products. Semi graphite carbon brick to further improve the anti iron corrosion resistance, improve thermal conductivity, improved alkali resistance, improved micro porosity index. The development direction of blast furnace is to improve the thermal conductivity of microporous carbon brick and further improve the micro porosity index, the development of super microporous carbon brick.