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The introduction of graphite lubrication

  With the continuous improvement of lubrication technology in various fields, graphite lubrication products are constantly improved. The types of graphite lubrication products are also developing rapidly. At present, the graphite lubricant is mainly divided into two types: liquid lubricant and solid lubricant.

  Liquid lubrication includes:

  Graphite lubricating oil: Based on the addition of graphite powder, graphite powder, graphite powder. The gas made from grinding, puffing, dehydration and constant temperature thermal treatment technology, the proportion of oil than graphite, infiltration of oil evenly, so that the graphite into lubrication, to reduce mechanical wear.

  Dry lubricant: graphite powder and two key sulfides as the main ingredient, adding volatile solvent and the amount of curing agent proportion. Then the loaded pressure cylinder (barrel), the use of the first shaking cylinders to make liquid lubrication materials evenly distributed, and then sprayed to the parts to be lubricated, to be a few minutes after the liquid volatile, that is, the formation of solid lubrication film.

  Graphite grease: there are high temperature resistant forging graphite milk, drawing graphite milk and other products, the production process mainly for vibration grinding and pickling, dehydration, grading, homogenization and other processes. The purity of graphite is more than 99%, the size of 8 is 0 feet.

  Graphite grease: semi solid fluid flow, is mixed with a thickener, the main products are graphite matrix with adding calcium grease for.

  Colloidal graphite: graphite particles with a particle size of 1 feet or 0.5 feet are dispersed in the water, oil or organic solvent, which is used for drawing die.