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The brief introduction of Medium-grain structure graphite

  In the Medium-grain structure graphite is the particle size in 2 a 0.8 mm of special graphite, with high temperature resistance, oxidation resistance, low content of impurities, single large size, low manufacturing cost advantages. It is used for polycrystalline silicon ingot furnace, various graphite components of crystal thermal field. In the early stage, these parts are made of graphite imported from abroad, and even produced in foreign countries. The price is expensive, a small size single crystal furnace thermal field more than 400 thousand yuan. After several years of development, we designed a special medium breaking system, produce their own special vibration equipment, introduced the high pressure impregnation, tunnel type baking furnace and the internal string type graphite furnace is advanced. Developed a unique production process. My company's crude graphite (all.0 8 mm graphite) gradually reached the requirements of China's crystal silicon production, has been recognized by the majority of customers. At the same time, the product will be pushed to other areas, to the United States, Japan, Europe and other places. Due to the extensive use of domestic crude graphite, coupled with the application of domestic and other static pressure graphite, and now a large single crystal furnace thermal field is only 200 thousand yuan, and still continue to decline

  In the continuous development of the photovoltaic industry, we are also in the continuous efforts, we will continue to improve the coarse graphite, to improve his performance, increase his size, expanding his capacity of coarse graphite better for crystalline silicon production services, services for the photovoltaic industry.