Properties of graphite

graphite products 01Graphite is an allotrope of carbon, each carbon atom in the peripheral connecting also three carbon atoms (arrangement is multiple hexagon honeycomb) by covalent bonds with the covalent molecule is formed. Since each carbon atom emits an electron, the electrons can move freely, so that the graphite belongs to the conductor.. Graphite is one of the most soft minerals, and its use involves making pencil and lubricant.. Carbon is a non-metallic element, Latin Carbonium.

  Graphite and its products has high strength, acid resistance, corrosion resistance and high temperature resistant, 30 DEG C and resistance to low temperature - 204 DEG C and other excellent properties, is widely application in metallurgy, chemical industry, petroleum chemical industry, high energy physics, aerospace, electronics and other aspects. The specific properties of graphite are roughly the following:

  1. super high temperature resistance

  Graphite melting point of 3850 + 50 DEG C, the boiling point of 42.5 DEG C, even the ultra high temperature arc ignition, weight loss is very small, coefficient of thermal expansion is also very small. The graphite strength increases with the temperature, and the graphite intensity is doubled at 2000..

  2. graphite products have good thermal conductivity, thermal shock resistance. Graphite can withstand the temperature changes without failure, when the graphite is used in normal temperature, the volume of the graphite will change little, and the graphite will not produce cracks..

  3. graphite products have chemical stability and corrosion resistance. Graphite has good chemical stability at room temperature, without any erosion of acid, alkali and organic solvent.

  4. graphite products environmental health, no radioactive pollution, high temperature resistance. Carbon in 2000-3300 degrees high temperature environment after at least a dozen days and nights of graphitizing process to become a graphite. Therefore, graphite in the toxic and harmful substances have been released and exhausted, at least 2000 degrees or less is very stable.

  5. graphite products have good adsorption. Carbon has good adsorption, so carbon is often used as adsorption material for the adsorption of moisture, odor, toxic substances, etc..

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