IsoStatic pressure graphite

  The static pressing graphite is formed by the high pure graphite. Static pressure graphite is a new product developed in recent 50 years in the world, which is closely related to the high technology. [1]

  Static pressure graphite introduction

  Do not only in the civil field, occupies an important position in the national defense, is a new material, remarkable. It is made of metal single crystal furnace, continuous casting graphite crystallizer, EDM with graphite electrode as the indispensable materials, is making a rocket nozzle, graphite reactor deceleration materials and reflecting materials excellent material.

  Status quo of China

  As the world's manufacturing photovoltaic products industry and the largest production country, Chinese has always maintained a huge amount of isostatic graphite demand. At present, with the rapid development of the domestic photovoltaic industry, China and other static pressure graphite demand is increasing year by year. Over the same period, due to the weak base of China and other static pressure graphite production enterprises, coupled with the technical blockade of foreign enterprises, China and other static pressure graphite production and quality have not been effectively improved. 2011, China and other static pressure graphite demand reached 18 thousand tons, while the same period and other static pressure graphite production is only 9500 tons, the supply gap of 8500 tons. At present, China's new set foot in the static pressure graphite business, such as the lack of technical reserves and product structure is not reasonable and other issues are difficult to be resolved in the short term. [2]

  Static pressure graphite

  Graphite material for direct tension type single crystal silicon furnace

  Semiconductor single crystal furnace using graphite material manufacturing clamp pot, heater, heat insulation screen and accessories.

  Graphite mould for continuous pressing graphite nonferrous metallurgy continuous casting

  In order to shorten the production process, reduce the cost, improve quality, reduce labor intensity and environmental pollution, more than 20 years of metal materials production gradually to the direction of continuous development. [3]

  So far, copper, aluminum basically achieved even production, with high purity graphite, steel continuous casting production has reached more than 80% (but the majority of the mold is not graphite).

  Isostatic graphite is mainly used for large copper production line. Since 1985, China has introduced more than and 30 production lines from Austria, France, Switzerland, Japan and other countries, while the domestic design and manufacture of the production line has reached more than and 100, all using graphite.

  According to statistics, in 2006 China's copper production reached about 3600000 tons, with most of the continuous casting. Per ton of copper graphite need quantity is 2.5kg, then to graphite content was 486T, according to the finished product rate of 70%, annual demand amount of 2700T graphite blank. At present, there is a rapid development, the forecast of the demand for graphite in the near future is about 4000T.

  Graphite for the processing of static pressure graphite electrical discharge machining

  Electric spark machining is a revolution in the die & mold industry. It not only simplifies the traditional technology, but also makes the manufacture of special shaped mould possible. Because of the isotropic, the static pressure graphite is the best material for the manufacture of electric spark graphite electrodes.

  Graphite materials for the production of quartz crucible in the static pressure graphite single crystal silicon

  The quartz crucible is a container of a direct pulling silicon crystal, and a graphite crucible is used as the forming material for the quartz crucible.

  development direction

  Isostatic graphite is a new type of graphite materials, graphite material is fine, because of a series of excellent properties, it will be closely linked with high technology, sophisticated national defense technology, has become one of the most valuable new materials in twenty-first Century. With the development of economy, the domestic and international market capacity of static pressure graphite is increasing day by day, and the development potential is huge. Because of this, the current domestic is a rise of hot isostatic graphite production, some production of moulded graphite based carbon production enterprises to settle on this "big cake", launched isostatic pressing equipment, squeeze isostatic graphite production ranks, competition will inevitably enter the white hot competition, including foreign counterparts. [1]

  In the fierce market competition, the foundation and the way of the isostatic graphite production enterprises are: the upgrading of products, the specifications, fine structure (fine structure), high strength, high purity and function of the direction of development, the development of the industry trend of photovoltaic industry, machinery manufacturing, nuclear power, for the development of the national economy Chinese better service.

  China is a developing country, is stepping into the period of heavy industrialization, China has become a world-class manufacturing factory". And the development of science and technology has brought a new industrial revolution, and other static pressure graphite materials and products of the broad application areas to the static pressure graphite industry has brought vitality. At present, due to the outbreak of the economic crisis, foreign carbon industry has been seriously affected, so they increased the China sales efforts. At present, China is about to consume the world's hydrostatic pressure graphite products, 1/4, is one of the world's largest and other static pressure graphite product market, and other static pressure graphite industry will usher in a new stage of development