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Graphite packing rings made of graphite sheet

      Graphite packing rings, also called graphite die-formed ring,is made of flexible graphite sheet.

  It can be made of pure graphite sheet or reinforced graphite sheet with stainless steel wire,wire mesh,nickel wire,nickel wire mesh etc.Then be compressed in precise tools to the required density.it has square section and also has V-shaped and wedge-shaped section,the rear two kinds style are suitable for high pressure sealing.

  They are stable and reliable even if under awful working circumstances.and they are usually used with reinforced expanded graphite rings forming a complete set.

  The graphite packing can be use as packing sealing for valves,pumps and reaction vessels.

  The standard specification below:

  Different properties depends on the different reinforced materials.


0 ~ 14


800 ℃ Non oxidizing condition
580 ℃ Steam
580 ℃ Oxidizing condition
-200 ℃ Cryogenics


35 MPa


2~10 m/s


1.6-1.7 g/cm3





  Another product is also called graphite packing ring,but it’s made of graphite packing,and made through various braided graphite packings,the technical data is the same to graphite packings.The reinforced material is also same to the graphite packing.It is widely used in steam valves of powder station,static sealing,high pressure and chemical corrosion,used in the industry such as petroleum equip,power station,chemical industry steelmill etc.